Employment prospects in Japan

The Bhutan Employment Overseas (BEO) is a government licensed employment agency which focuses primarily on Japan currently. It takes up two Japan programs: Learn and Earn Program, and Technical Intern Program.

Under the Learn and Earn Program, Bhutanese youth above Class XII are placed in Japanese language institutes where they study the language for up to two years while concurrently doing part-time jobs. After the completion of the language study, they either opt for regular jobs or enroll in vocational institutes depending on their qualification. The program benefits by way of knowledge/skill transfer, exposure to Japanese workplace, imbibing of good values, ethics and discipline, and gainful employment.

The Technical Intern Program is an initiative of the Japanese government whereby young people are placed in jobs in various industries across Japan. The interns get to work in vocations of their choice and academic background over a period of several years. The rationale behind the initiative is to help transfer workplace knowledge and skills to the youth from the developing countries. Among others, the applicants can apply as caregivers or choose to work in Japanese farms, food processing and packing industry, automobile industry, construction industry etc. The minimum qualification required is class XII or a diploma plus basic Japanese language skill which is being imparted in Bhutan prior to their departure.