Services rendered by BEO

Services rendered by BEO, its Principal Agent in Japan, and language schools

  1. Place Bhutanese youth in Japanese language institutes in Japan.
  2. Place them in part-time job (28 hours per week) within one month of arrival in Japan.
  3. Place class XII and diploma students in vocational institutes after the completion of the language course with N2 level proficiency.

 Place interested class XII and diploma students in regular jobs after the completion of their studies in vocational institutes.

  1. Place students with bachelor’s degree or higher qualifications in regular jobs after the completion of the language course with N2 level proficiency.
  2. Support the placement of those with bachelor’s degree or higher qualifications in vocational colleges or higher studies after the completion of the language course with N2 level proficiency.
  3. Provide appropriate accommodation for the students, especially in the beginning of their stay in Japan, if required to the extent of negotiating the rental and associated costs.
  4. Provide support to the students in times of sickness, death and other misfortunes.
  5. Support the repatriation of students to Bhutan in the event grave misfortunes befall unto them.
  6. Ensure students are employed in decent working conditions as per the labour laws of Japan.
  7. Act on behalf of the students and claim adequate compensations in the event of workplace accidents.
  8. Travel to New Delhi, India, and process visa on behalf of students at the Japanese embassy there. Likewise, provide services for visa extension and related services while the students are in Japan.
  9. On behalf of each student, do the entire documentation such as the processing of applications forms for admission to the institutes and producing sundry documents required to be submitted to the immigration authorities, Japan.
  10. Translate student’s documents from English into Japanese where necessary during entry to language schools, vocational colleges, jobs etc.
  11. Establish student organizations to support and strengthen the Bhutanese student community in Japan.
  12. Liaise with the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) for and on behalf of the students and on general matters pertaining to the “learn and earn” program.
  13. Establish platforms for interactions among students, the BEO and MoLHR.
  14. Act as a conduit of information between students and their parents/guardians for important/urgent matters that may surface from time to time.
  15. Visit Japan regularly to assess/monitor the situation of the youth ensuring that there are a minimum three to four visits each year.
  16. Ensure that students repay their monthly loan installments until the expiry of the loan term in five years. Contact sponsors/guarantors in cases of failure to repay.
  17. Ensure that students pay the loan insurance premium against death and permanent disability to the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan each year for the next five years.
  18. Ascertain that students are covered by health insurance scheme in Japan.
  19. Support the students in the processing of loans and transfer of fees to Japan before their departure from Bhutan.
  20. Support the students’ travel to Japan by helping with arranging flight tickets, etc.
  21. Monitor the performance and overall discipline of students during the course of their Japanese language study in Bhutan. Provide counseling where necessary.
  22. Conduct an orientation program about Japanese history, cultural sensitivities, customs, workplace ethics, and other “do’s and don’ts” before the students leave for Japan.