Platforms for interaction

Platforms for interaction with students in Japan

The BEO has operates Facebook groups where students in Japan, the BEO, the Principal Agent in Japan and the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources can interact with each other.  These groups are created batch-wise before the students leave for Japan and have thus far been very useful to stay abreast with the situations of students, take in their concerns and put in interventions to support them. Three BEO staff man these groups which are actively used.

Name of Platform         Number of members

  1. B2J April 2017                     86
  2. B2J July 2017                      83
  3. B2J October 2017               371
  4. B2J April 2018                    300
  5. B2J July 2018                     44
  6. B2J October 2018              41
  7. Bhutan 2 Japan                  4,493*

* This is a general group where the “Learn and Earn” program is being advertised to the Bhutanese public


Student associations have been formed for Bhutanese youth in Japan to support each other and foster unity among the members. Unfortunately, these associations are yet to be active.

  1. Kansai Bhutanese Association
  2. Kanto Bhutanese Association
  3. Tohoku Bhutanese Association